Aalissa Loans

We at Aalissa Loans offer loans for up to 18 months terms, to all clients, BLACKLISTED or not!Personal Loans up to R15000 over 18 months (Calculated according to your personal record) TopUp Mobile Contract Our service are FREE. We can help country wide. No originals needed you can fax or scan. Blacklisted or not, you are welcome Sms or email your: ?Name and Surname, Id number and Nett Salary(after deductions) We are proud to say that we are able to offer the community personal loans up to R15 000! But wait, we can even offer the community a cellular Top Up contract as well! Clients are even allowed to apply for both a personal loan AND a cellular contract at the same time! Personal loan terms vary from 1 to 18 months depending on your personal record! Mobile products differ from month to month so don?t wait, give us a call, drop an email or even send us a sms to find out what we have to offer you this month!!