Apply for a quick and easy personal loan today .Apply for quick payday Loans, payable on your next payday, get a set of wheels through our vehicle finance and quick loans for blacklisted people. If you are blacklisted and have been trying to get a personal loan this can be quite a daunting task as all banks will reject your application due to your bad credit and this will prevent you from getting a unsecured loan with them .

We do not look at your credit record

We understand that sometimes unexpected thing’s happen in life and as a result one gets a bad credit record due to this .  We have specially designed product’s to assist ITC listed clients in getting a personal loan today even if you have a judgment or default . If you reside in South Africa and you are permanently employed then you can apply for a online personal loan today . Our services are 100% free to apply and we aim to give you the best service possible .