The Absa Temporary ATM loan is available instantly for up to R5 000. The loan is payable within 30 days, and if paid before the due date, no interest is effected.

ABSA ATM Loan Requirements
You have to be an existing Absa client i good standing to apply and cash will be available in your account immediately. Once the cash is in your account you can utilize it in the best way that suits you by either withdrawing the funds or doing EFT’s (Electronic Funds Transfer).

Besides applying for a loan, there is so much more you can do at an Absa ATM. Other things you can do include balance enquiries, get mini statements, traffic fine payments, transfers between accounts and many more other services.

To apply for an Absa ATM loan just visit any Absa ATM and follow the on-screen instructions.

Absa ATM Loan Contact Details
Website: www.absa.co.za

Tel: 0860 100 372