Capfin Loans at PEP Stores

capfin-loansCapfin loans at PEP Stores gives loans of up to R10,000Just get your ID to the nearest PEP store and get your response within 15 minutes by SMS. Capfin and PEP Stores have combined their efficiency, simplicity and trustworthiness to bring you the most convenient and hassle-free loan application process to hit the lending industry. With more than 1400 PEP stores throughout South Africa, this service is easily accessible for all South Africans from all walks of life.
How it Works
Your ID is scanned at the till and we guarantee a response via sms within 15 minutes whether you qualify or not. Then after the sms, a friendly consultant will call you to corroborate some details.
The consultant will need to find out more about;

– Employment details
– Bank details
– The Loan offer
– Affordability assessment
– NCA Pre-agreement and contract

If you’re in need of a loan but absolutely cannot stand banks, do not be distressed.
There are 3 reasons why you should apply for a Capfin loan:

  1. It’s simple: Apply for a loan by simply taking your ID to your nearest PEP store. You need no other paperwork or documents, and there are no lengthy processes.
  2. oHIt’s convenient: With PEP having 1400 stores all over South Africa, the process of applying for a Capfin loan is readily available for you without any hassles
  3. It’s confidential: You will know whether you qualify for a Capfin loan or not, by SMS instead of having to face the financial providers directly.

How to apply for a Capfin loan
Many people wonder why and how to go about the simple process. Here are three easy steps to doing so:

  1. You only need your South African ID book. You do not need to take bank statements, a pay slip or any proof of address
  2. Visit any of the 1400 PEP stores in South Africa
  3. After application in store, you will get an sms within just 15 minutes notifying you of whether you have qualified or not

Apply for a Capfin Loan today! For more information you can visit the website
As soon as all details have been confirmed, and you have accepted the agreement, the funds get deposited into your bank account.
Avoid long queues, unnecessary paperwork step into a PEP Store for a Capfin Loan.