Cellphone Contract No Credit Checks

Cellphone Contract No Credit Checks South Africa. We are able to assist with Cellphone Contract no credit checks. Get access to the top cell phone contracts on the market right now. Since no credit checks are conducted, your credit status and history will not determine your chances of getting a cellphone contract with us . CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE

What you get 

  • Free Cellphone for all airtime deals
  • No Credit Checks, blacklisted can apply with high approval rate
  • Free Screen and water damage Repair
  • Death, Disability and Retrenchment benefit
Most traditional phone contracts perform a credit check before they let you sign up to a new deal and get a new smartphone. This is a huge problem if you’re dealing with bad credit. But don’t fret, this antiquated way of doing things isn’t how we work. Here’s how to get a contract phone with no credit check using No Hassle Mobile Phones.
Is there anything more worrying to someone in need of a phone contract than the idea of a credit check? That’s why a number of our deals do not require a hard or soft check.

Cellphone Contract No Credit Checks Online

Our application process takes less than 2 minutes. We only ask the most basic information. Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll be presented with an instant on screen decision.

Whether it’s a rough financial period in their life or debts from years ago still on their record; they are turned away or asked more a higher deposit than they can afford.

At No Hassle Mobile Phones we pride ourselves on being able to bring you the latest high end smartphones regardless of your credit history. Unlike a lot of firms we realise that sometimes circumstances really are outside control.