How to Authorise Debicheck Mandates with the Absa App

Debicheck is a service that empowers all South African banks to validate debit orders before they are processed by the banks. In recent times, there has been a surge in individuals falling victim to fraudulent debit orders, which is where Debicheck steps in. You are required to authorize each debit order before any funds can be deducted from your account. So, how can you achieve this using the Absa app?

Steps for Authorizing Debicheck Mandates with the Absa App

Here is the process for accepting Debicheck mandates through the Absa app:

  1. Launch your Absa banking app.
  2. The Manage DebiCheck message will appear on your screen upon login.
  3. Select “Okay, got it” to proceed.
  4. A DebiCheck message will be displayed; click “Continue” after reviewing it.
  5. A list of your pending mandates will be visible. Choose the one you want to act on.
  6. Confirm the accuracy of the details, and then click “Approve.”
  7. Verify the transaction through Surecheck.
  8. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that the debit order has been accepted.

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Why Undergo this Process?

This is the method to accept Debicheck mandates via the Absa app. But why should you bother with this process? Previously, all that was required for a debit order to be authorized on your account was a request from the company you were dealing with.

However, this presented several challenges, including the proliferation of unauthorized debit orders. It was a troublesome situation that resulted in many individuals losing their funds.