How to Deactivate Capitec Tap-To-Pay Card Feature

You can conveniently enable or disable the tap-to-pay feature on your Capitec card either in person at a branch, through our mobile app, or via cellphone banking. It’s crucial to understand that if you choose to deactivate the tap-to-pay feature using the app, you must subsequently insert your card into a card machine or ATM and enter your PIN to complete the deactivation process. Failure to do so could potentially leave your card vulnerable to fraudulent tap-to-pay usage.

Using the Capitec Banking App:

  1. Open the Capitec Banking App.
  2. Navigate to the “Cards” section.
  3. Enter your Remote PIN for verification.
  4. Select whether you want to manage your Debit Card or Credit Card.
  5. Locate the “Tap to Pay” option and tap it.
  6. Toggle the switch to “Off” (The Tap to Pay function will display “Off: Pending”).
  7. To finalize the deactivation, perform a chip-and-PIN transaction by inserting your card into a card machine or ATM.
  8. Afterward, verify the deactivation status by repeating steps 1 to 5. “Tap to Pay” should now display as “Off.”

Using Cellphone Banking:

  1. Log in to the Capitec Cellphone Banking
  2. Choose “Option 5” for Cards.
  3. Select “Option 3” if you wish to manage your credit card.
  4. Opt for “Option 2” to enable or disable the Tap to Pay function.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly manage the tap-to-pay functionality on your Capitec card, ensuring that you have control over its usage and security.