NEHAWU SACCO Emergency loans:
For members who are in need of money in a  case of an emergency
Loan are charged at (R17.00 per R100 and only once at a time for
immediate needs).
The emergency loans start from R500 to R5, 000
Payable from 1 to 6 months
*attach a copy of an emergency loan application form
NEHAWU SACCO Debt Consolidation loan:
To help members to consolidate their debts into one
These loans are from R20 000- R60 000 and
Paid over 36 months.
NEHAWU SACCO Short term loans:
To help members get access to finance
The short term loans are from R5 100 to R20, 000 and
Be paid over 36-months
NEHAWU SACCO Home Improvement loans
Are offered to members to assist them to renovate or improve their homes
Loans are offered from R20 000- R200 000
Loans can be repaid over a period of 60 months
Loans are secured by the provident fund