Russells Loans

Russells Loan
Russells Loan

Russell’s, a leading furniture and home ware retail chain now offers the Russell Personal Loans. Now you can apply for a Personal Loan of up R25, 000 to take care of your immediate financial needs.

From home renovations, that well-deserved holiday or even sending your little angels to school- Russell’s Personal loans has you covered. Plus you have the option of paying back- a little at a time- within 24 months!

Our specially trained in-store agents will make the application process a truly special experience. This is all you will need:


If you are permanently employed, you will need:

• Green bar-coded ID

• Pay slip (if not self-employed) or 3 months bank statements (if self-employed)

• Proof of address

If self-employed, bring the following:

• 3 months personal bank statements

• 6 months business bank statements

• Income tax certificate from accountant

• CC registration number

• Proof of Credit Life insurance in your name*