Shoprite Money Market Loans

Shoprite Money Market Loans. Apply for a loan of up to R7 500. Apply at a kiosk at Shoprite Money Market Counters and its simple and quick all you need to apply is to have a South African ID.

How to apply for Shoprite Money Market Loans

To apply for a Mfin Cash Loan you just take your ID to any Shoprite/Checkers Money Market Counter to apply, you apply at the kiosk it is fast and quick and you get a call in few minutes to confirm your application.
Requirements for Shoprite Money Market Loans

All you need to have is your South African identity book, be a South African citizen, be working and have your own bank account then you qualify to open a loan at Mfin Cash Loan.

What does Shoprite Money Market Loans offer

The Mfin Cash Loan offers loans of up to R7500, services that is up to standard they call you back in just few minutes to confirm the application, the is no hassle all you need to have is your identity green bar coded document to apply.
Shoprite Money Market Loans

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